Who we are

An innovative online school

Sokolpo School of Professionals provide educational content so that anyone can enjoy anything, at anytime, from anywhere, completely free of cost.

Sokolpo School has founded by Habibur Rahman and Abu Sufian Khan Russel. They established this online School with high hopes and aspirations to disseminate knowledge and thus to extend the horizon of knowledge.

What we do

Small efforts to make skilled people

The vision of Sokolpo School is to produce age-worthy, pragmatic and eligible skilled who will contribute to build up the nation as well as to dedicate themselves for serving human beings.

The mission of Sokolpo School is to produce capable leaders in respective fields of study who can meet the challenges of the present dynamic world.

Sokolpo School wants to ingrain those virtues in students which will make them honest in their thoughts and deeds.

Sokolpo School is committed to the fact that rewarding careers are for those who are knowledgeable, skilled, innovative, motivated and honest.